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ZCare LVP Marine is our professional multi surface boat cleaner. ZCare LVP Marine is scientifically formulated to quickly and easily remove stains, black streaks, bird and spider droppings, rust marks, food stains and other oil and grime. It contains a polymer coating that helps maintain gelcoat surfaces, prevent stain reoccurrence and acts as UV protectant It works wonders on fiberglass, vinyl seats, Plexiglas, wood, fenders, deck furniture, canvas and more. (it does not work well on glass due to the protective polymer coating) . This stuff works…GUARANTEED. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.

Product Features

  • One product cleans most boat surfaces
  • Removes stains, black streaks, sap and pollen, bird and spider droppings
  • Leaves a protective coating to prevent stains and minimize dirt accumulation
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Environmentally safe product
  • Easy to use and has a gentle smell


Spray liberally onto soiled areas. Work in with a soft brush for heavily soiled areas, wash with a sponge or brush. Wipe or rinse clean. To use in a full boat wash down, add approximately 1 cup per gallon of water. Brush down with a soft brush and rinse or power wash.

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  1. I remember “hearing about” your product in the boat yard while our boat was hauled last year. Then yesterday while I was struggling with some “unmovable stains” on our hull, I found a “partially used” bottle amongst my stuff..given to me by a friend when he sold his boat..and I had forgotten all about it. Well, miracle..the stains came off sooo easily..THEN I tried it on little dry hardened Cetol drops and with a little scrubbing it looks like I am able to get them up too. Have you tried it on dried Cetol? What about rusty stains and old marks on chrome rub rails? Any other cleaning suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! If it continues to work on dried on Cetol, I’m going to be a Happy Camper!

    - Mary Fox

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