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Our Bioremedial Bilge Cleaner Concentrate

Our Bioremedial Bilge Cleaner Concentrate

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy for you. Our new Bilge Cleaner Concentrate is a bioremedial product.

Here’s how it works: Our product contains naturally-occurring microbes that, over time, convert oil and fuel into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Here’s why you need it: In the event of an oil slick caused by the pump out of your boat, you could face fines of several thousand dollars. It takes as little as ½ ounce of oil to create an oil slick! You need a plan to manage your bilge responsibly and ZCare Bilge Cleaner is one important part of that plan. By using ZCare Bilge Cleaner in your bilge on an on-going basis you will minimize the accumulation of oil and fuel that can build up from the normal functioning of your boat. Read more about our Bilge Cleaner in Pacific Northwest Yachting Magazine.

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