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ZCare Marine, offers effective, eco-safe products to help keep your boat clean. We have products to clean your fiber glass, wood, vinyl, fenders, canvas, bilge, holding tank and more. Our easy-to-use and environmentally friendly boat cleaning products have quite the loyal following. When you use them, you'll see why.
This stuff works... GUARANTEED.

ZCare Marine Products

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“We use ZCare LVP Marine instead of harsh solvent cleaners on many of the tough stains and marks we encounter when detailing yachts. We’ve also really been impressed with ZCare Bilge Cleaner. It does a great job cleaning grease off of engines, cleaning up bilges and we even use it for spills on sidewalks and docks. It literally eats the oil and grease.”
- Jim Brown
General Manager, Yacht Care


Our Bioremedial Bilge Cleaner Concentrate

Our Bioremedial Bilge Cleaner Concentrate

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy for you. Our new Bilge Cleaner Concentrate is a bioremedial product.

Here’s how it works: Our product contains naturally-occurring microbes that, over time, convert oil and fuel into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Here’s why you need it: In the event of an oil slick caused by the pump out of your boat, you could face fines of several thousand dollars. It takes as little as ½ ounce of oil to create an oil slick! You need a plan to manage your bilge responsibly and ZCare Bilge Cleaner is one important part of that plan. By using ZCare Bilge Cleaner in your bilge on an on-going basis you will minimize the accumulation of oil and fuel that can build up from the normal functioning of your boat. Read more about our Bilge Cleaner in Pacific Northwest Yachting Magazine.

Look what ZCare can do on an old abandoned boat…

Watch ZCare in action cleaning old abandon boats, and removing tape and black streaks from golf carts. See for yourself how easy our products are to use and how great they work! This stuff works… GUARANTEED.