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“This Stuff Works”…

Our new slogan is anything but new; it’s what we’ve been hearing since the beginning.  It’s what we hear all the time.  At trade shows, via e-mail, in marinas, on golf courses, we hear it a lot “This Stuff Works”.  Even though we already know it, we never get tired of hearing it.  When it came time to think of a slogan, we really didn’t toss around too many ideas because it is true, “This Stuff Works”.  Our products are incredibly effective.  We pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and we know that it is because “This Stuff Works”.  Most importantly, we know that the main question people have when they are deciding what product to buy is “does it work?” and we want to do everything we can to answer that question before they have the opportunity to use our products.  This brings me to our next blog post – when I write about the rest of our slogan.  Stay tuned…you’ll like it, GUARANTEED.

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